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Mechanical locks are still preferred by several users since they are more reliable than the electronic locks. The mechanical locks come with keys and some gun safes also have both mechanical and electronic lock combinations. This provides double security options. The advantage of the electronic lock system is that if wrong pass keys are entered the system automatically sets off an alarm that prevents any further access from wrongful entering of the password.

These safes have different regulations in various countries. In Australia the major regulation is that firearms and ammunition must be stored separately. The most commonly used material to construct the cabinets are steel and sometimes double vaulted doors are used. It is a rule that the authorities inspect the gun safety cabinets before providing the license and authorization for storage of guns.

In the United States there is a specific certification for the gun safes and purchasing a safe with this certification ensures that the buyer gets a good deal with safety and value for money. In the United Kingdom which includes Ireland and England prior to licenses  being issued the authorities visit the storage locations of the firearms.

As with something as dangerous as firearms the gun safe cabinets must be taken extreme care of. It must not be left unattended or unlocked at any times and children and those who have no licenses must not be allowed to handle the guns or the safes.

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